Friday, January 29, 2010

Missy Is World’s First Cat to Have Artificial Knee Replacement When Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick saw Missy, an 8-year-old tabby cat from West Sussex, England, she had been hidden in a bush for 48 hours after a speeding car hit her in the street last month. One hind leg was broken in eight places, and the other leg had a dislocated knee.

Louise Morris, Missy’s owner, heard her little cat, who was also cold and stressed, crying from a bush near the house and immediately took her to Dr. Fitzpatrick, the vet-owner of Fitzpatrick Referrals in Guilford, England, a practice specializing in bone and spinal diseases of cats and dogs.

"Missy was a much loved family cat and not ready to be put to sleep although both legs were hurt badly," Dr. Fitzpatrick tells from his home in England.

"She had nasty fractured bones in the arch of one foot and on the other leg, the knee was totally dislocated. Amputation was not an option since the other hind leg was broken in eight places. So I developed an artificial knee which had never before been done."

First, Dr. Fitzatrick fixed the broken leg by creating a collagen mesh from the bladder of a pig. Then the broken bones were placed in a mixture of pins called a SPIDER (Secured Pin Intramedullary Dorsal Epoxy Resin Frame).

"Basically, Missy's foot was set with pins that stuck out,” the vet explains. "The bones had to heal that way for three weeks."

From there, Fitzpatrick worked with several professionals on developing an artificial knee for Missy's other leg.

"We took a scan of her knee, measured all of her bones, put that information in a computer, then developed a knee out of metal. We worked like an architect would design a building."

The challenge was getting metal replacement small enough for little Missy, who the vet says is the "sweetest and most loving" cat imaginable. The replacement knee implant had to allow for her to crouch down and jump after it healed -- because this kitty loves to run and catch mice!

Fitzpatrick operated on Missy for 2 1/2 hours putting in a three-inch long implant made out of stainless steel. He attached it to the thigh and shin bones using cement.

"It took four weeks to heal and we are coming to the end of that time," Dr. Fitzpatrick says. "Missy is so happy because she can jump. But we still have her on a leash for another week or more just to be sure."

Needless to say, Missy’s owners are delighted with the results. "It is so heartwarming to see Missy cuddle in her mom's arms," says Dr. Fitzpatrick. "They absolutely love her."

Linda Marx

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SENSELESS LOSS: British Bus-Riding Cat Killed by Hit and Run Driver

No one and nothing - ever - will convince me that cats NEED to 'be free' outside - NOTHING. When you voluntarily open your door to allow your cat to explore the outdoors you are playing with fire. The loser in all of this is the animal and the animal pays the price with its life. Everyone thought what Casper did each day was just so cute. Well, he can't do it anymore because he's dead. People are sending condolences to his owner. They contributed to Casper's death, no sympathy from me. Rest in peace Casper. You won't get hit by a car again. ~Mimi

Casper, the British cat who made headlines around the world for regularly waiting in line and hopping on the local bus, was killed by a hit and run driver in his hometown of Plymouth, England, has learned.

Karen Baxter, a public-relations manager for First UK Bus, who operates local buses in the Plymouth area, confirmed that the cat was run over by a motorist outside his home on Jan. 14 and died from his injuries.

The cat's owner, Susan Finden, is devastated, The Herald newspaper reported. "I never dreamt I'd miss an animal as much as I miss him. He was lovely and loved people so much -- he was such a different character," she said.

Finden found out about the cat's death when a neighbor knocked on her door to tell her she had seen a car strike the cat and then drive off. She took the cat inside after the accident, but sadly he was already dead, the newspaper said.

"If he'd been ill we might have prepared for it but it hasn't helped us that the driver didn't stop -- we couldn't believe it," Finden said.

The geriatric feline, who was 12 years old last July when reported his story, would habitually leave Finden's home, trot across the street to the bus stop, wait his turn in line and board the bus. He even had a favorite seat -- in the middle of the aisle -- where he would sit until he was ready to get off.

"He just gets on and off as he wants to. Goes for a little ride," Baxter told in July. "If the drivers notice that he's there, they make sure that he doesn't get off at some random stop. The cat seems to know where to get back off, then he trots off home."

Casper, whose story was first reported by BBC News, was rescued by Finden from the Cat Protection League about four years ago. Finden noticed that Casper would occasionally disappear and eventually return home. She had even gotten a call from a parking garage a mile-and-a-half away but didn't know how he'd gotten there.

"The driver told me he gets on all the time," Finden told The Herald. "I couldn't believe it."

The cat's unusual hobby prompted Finden to write a letter to the First Bus Company, to bring attention to the furry passenger. "[Finden wanted] drivers just be aware of it so if they either saw the cat coming that they'd not let it on the bus, or once it was on the bus, not to kick it off in the city center because it would be miles away from home," Baxter said.

Casper was like any other senior citizen who uses public transportation in England. "In the U.K., people over the age of 65 travel on the bus for free," Baxter told "So we worked out that the cat was about 111 years old in cat years, therefore it was fine. He can travel for free."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cat Goddess Bastet Temple: Egypt Announces Find Of Ancient Temple

CAIRO — Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old temple that may have been dedicated to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bastet, the Supreme Council of Antiquities said Tuesday. The ruins of the Ptolemaic-era temple were discovered by Egyptian archaeologists in the heart of the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century B.C.

The city was the seat of the Greek-speaking Ptolemaic Dynasty, which ruled over Egypt for 300 years until the suicide of Queen Cleopatra.

The statement said the temple was thought to belong to Queen Berenice, wife of King Ptolemy III who ruled Egypt in the 3rd century B.C.

Mohammed Abdel-Maqsood, the Egyptian archaeologist who led the excavation team, said the discovery may be the first trace of the long-sought location of Alexandria's royal quarter.

The large number of statues depicting Bastet found in the ruins, he said, suggested that this may be the first Ptolemaic-era temple dedicated to the cat goddess to be discovered in Alexandria.

This would indicate that the worship of the ancient Egyptian cat-goddess continued during the later, Greek-influenced, Ptolemaic period, he said.

Statues of other ancient Egyptian deities were also found in the ruins, he added.

Zahi Hawass, Egypt's chief archaeologist, said the temple may have been used in later times as a quarry as evidenced by the large number of missing stone blocks.

Modern Alexandria was built squarely on top of the ruins of the classical-era city and many of its great temples, palaces and libraries remain undiscovered.

The temple was found in the Kom el-Dekkah neighborhood near the city's main train station and home to a Roman-era amphitheater and well preserved mosaics.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Deep thoughts with Rosemary JOY!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Miss Camille Suzanne readies herself for Dante's birthday date

How can it be? What a surprise! The lovely Miss Camille Suzanne has received PURR-mission from her momma to spend the evening with her dear Dante in celebration of his PURR-thday without the benefit of a cha-PURR-one! She knows in her little pink ♥ that  he has a special evening planned for the two of them and can hardly keep her composure - little bubbles popping here and there and everywhere. Momma poured her bubble bath with the scent of Lily of the Valley - her favorite scent and hopefully soon to be dear Dante's as well.

Although not one to wear much make-up to distort her PURR-fect kittenish charms, momma has allowed a bit of blush and powder for this furry special evening. Just enough to highlight her PURR-fect pink nose. Miss Camille Suzanne wistfully recalls her last date with dear Dante on New Year's Eve. Such a special and magical night traveling throughout the universe on dear Dante's stretch-boogie mat.

Dressed in her furry best finery, Miss Camille Suzanne awaits her dear Dante. Will he hold her paw? Will he try to steal a kiss on her cheek? Will she be able to resist his man-catly charms? The night awaits the two, young felines with arms wide open filled with wonder and delight.

Hark! Is that the swoosh of dear Dante's boogie mat? Has he arrived? Oh, my! Miss Camille Suzanne adjusts her chapeau, collects her purse and...

Find out what Miss Camille Suzanne and dear Dante do on their first unchaperoned night on the town celebrating the PURR-thday of her beloved.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A troop mascot in Iraq, a cat lands safely in Washington, D. C.

Sgt. Ballz arrived in the U.S. Tuesday. ( Courtesy photo )

A wanted man in Iraq, Sgt. Ballz is ready to make the United States his home.

The cat, formerly a resident of an American base in Tala Far, Iraq, became a mascot of the 1-230th Army unit out of Tennessee. With the base closing soon, orders were sent that there were to be no more animals on base.

When U.S. Army CW2 Cheryl Anderson, a member of the unit, and her fellow soldiers were told that those present would be euthanized by being shot to death, they decided to save their cat.

Anderson, a native Northern Californian and sister of Cindy Dover of Red Bluff, and her fellow soldiers launched a campaign they called Free 'Dem Ballz, enlisting the help of friends and family.

The group even created a Web site with a variety of items from hooded sweatshirts and tank tops to ties and binders to raise funds to bring the cat home.

Ballz, the apparent victim of a dog attack, was very thin and had a broken tooth when he first arrived on base, but quickly became the chief morale officer and mascot of the unit, Anderson said.

On Tuesday, Ballz, accompanied by members of SPCA International and fellow refugees from other areas named Elvis, Boo Boo, Squeaky, Spot, Oreo and Jasmine, landed at 3:50 local time at Dulles International Airport in Washington, DC, Dover said.

Ballz will be quarantined in Washington for two weeks and eventually live with a medic and serve as mascot of the Tennessee National Guard.

Profits from the Web site previously going to save Sgt. Ballz will now be sent to SPCA International to help bring other animals home, Dover said.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Miss Camille Suzanne in sweet repose on toesie Tuesday

Saturday, January 9, 2010

DEMAND JUSTICE FOR BUDDY! Please, please help!

I KNOW this is a horrible photo. I KNOW it is a horrible story. But all of us need to stand behind this dog and the Facebook movement to bring the highest penalty to the man who perpetrated this dispicable act. This poor dog, who cannot speak for himself, died a miserable death. I cannot even imagine what he must have suffered. PLEASE, go to the Facebook page and lend your support. STAND UP FOR BUDDY. PLEASE! It will only take a moment of your time. I can't stop crying - I just can't stop...~Mimi 

Sign the petition here

Jill Rosen A huge movement is building online to make sure that a man accused of dragging a dog to its death in Colorado is convicted and serves maximum jail time.

According to news reports, a German Shepherd named Buddy was tied to the back of a pickup and forced to run behind the vehicle as it climbed steep and snowy slopes -- for three miles. Buddy was found dead in the park last week, dumped there.

A Facebook group called Demand Justice for Buddy has attracted nearly 25,000 supporters, as of this morning. They want Romero to get the maximum sentence, which is three years in prison, a $100,000 fine and a year of mandatory parole.

According to officials at the park, tracks in the show Buddy initially walked behind the truck and then ran, and was then dragged when he collapsed. Park officials found him with a silver and blue rope around his neck.

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Saturday, January 2, 2010

ImPAWtant Noos: FDA launches pet health and safety widget

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently launched a pet health and safety widget so people can get the latest in public health information.

The widget, a portable application embedded in a Web page that can be copied onto any other Web site or blog, will include topics such as how to report a problem with your pet food and questions about purchasing pet drugs online. The widget allows users to access content on the FDA’s Web site without having to leave another site or Web page.

The widget has two tabs, “tips” and “updates." The Tips tab highlights pet health and safety articles. The Updates tab will provide up-to-the-minute recall notices and veterinary drug news for consumers. The widget is available here.