Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Celebrate wordless Wednesday in purr-fect peace with Rosemary JOY...

May you spend this day in purr-fect joy and happiness
& in wordless peace & tranquility.
Written by Rosemary's hoomin' because
she isn't talking on Wordless Wednesday☺

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You yikes uz, youz really yikes uz! Tankie very mucho!

We haz accepted the Zombie Chicken Award frum our furendz Tristan & Crikey. Dey iz so nice ta us cuz we iz new ta da bloggy world. We iz meetin' sum of da bestest kitty-catty's ever!

The Rules:
There is nothing you hafta do 'cept pass it on to 5 other bloggies.

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the Zombie Chicken- excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens to read their inspiring words."

We iz passin' dis award to da following furendz, and to anyone else who would yike to haz it!

1. Angel over at A Wizard and an Angel
2. Bruce over at Bruce's Paws. He is one kewel kitty!
3. Shaggy, Scooby 'n Scout over at Little Cat Feet. We haz a golden retriever doggy bruvver named Scout (we putz his picky-ture at da bottom of dis bloggy post)
4. Sweet Praline, a poofy-floofy kitty I met at da Kitty Fight Club
5. A Cat called Freya, da furst kitty-catty we met who haz da same name az our German Shepherd Dog doggy sisfur, Freyja (we putz her picky-ture at da end of diz bloggy post)
6. We haz ta do six cuz we can't furget our furendz Evy & Fluffy over at Squeaky Kitty.

Der iz no obli-gasun! Do with it what you yikes.☺

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gimme summa dat ham, RIGHT NOW!

It's Caturday and I, Aurora Katrina, shud be restin' and purrin' and dreamin' but I'm not gonna take my nappie until my momma gibs me summa dat ham I saw her put in her sammich. I'm gonna put a hex on momma and hippe-tize her soz I get all a dat ham. I wantz it!
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Friday, April 24, 2009

We iz jus' da cutest lil' kitties when wez snoozin' yike bakery donuts, sayz our momma

Lotza timez our momma is takin' picky-tures of us when were sleepin'. She sayz dat we looks just yike widdle angels when wez all curled up in our nappin' poses. Dis is moi, Rosemary JOY. Momma sayz dat I looks yike a donut, all round an' softie wif caramel, chocolate and vanillie frostin'. YUM! Sometimez I gets a widdle of da inside of a donut but not da outside cuz momma sayz its not good fer my toofies. If itz bad fer mine, how come itz not bad fer herz?

Of course, derez no wayz dat I could get all da spot-lights ta myself dis day. Ma sista Camille Suzanne seemz ta alwayz make an appearance, too. Here's her picky-ture (yuck, don't tell I sayz dat). Momma sayz dat Camille lookz yike a powdery sugery donut when shez all curled up in her best nappie pose. Purr-sonally, I tink she looks yike a big, white splot of Crisco (don't tell I sayz dat, either, okay?).
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cats ♥ YouTube & baby catz just as much as their momma duz!

Yesterday on my mommaz familie bloggy she putz a YouTube movie of a widdle kitten dat she thunk waz cutez. Ebby mornin' one of uz kitties jumpz up on momma's lappie ta snuggle when she readz da newz on her 'puter. On dis mornin' I, Camille, beat out da udder kitties cuz I waz quick to jump. On taday momma went ober ta see the widdle kitten again cuz she sayz she yikes it. I yiked it, too, and couldn't takez my eyez or pawz offa it.

When I waz done watchin' da kitten I told my momma she shudn't be gettin' any wise ideaz. We don't need no kittenz 'round our houze! Dey is fine on da moviez and dat is where dey needz ta stay.
Note from Camille's momma: Keep in mind...she's on my lap while I'm taking these photos. My movement and the noise didn't distract her attention on that kitten for a moment. And, in case you wanna know, my camera is always on the kitchen table. You just never know when you'll have a cat on your lap watching YouTube
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Real man-cats wear pink sayz Forrest da man-catty!

No pink snugglie bed iz gonna make a scardey-catty outta me. If itz nappie time, itz nappie time an' I'z gonna find da smooshiest place ta snooze da timez awayz.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Whipped cream paperweight or does this tissue paper make me look fat?

Camille Suzanne, the whitest of the white, the softest of the soft, the pinkest nosie of the pink nosies, the resident kitty-catty who seeks admiration in voluminous and copious amounts each day is pondering whether or not it was a good idea to act as paperweight for momma when she was wrapping presents today. She was overheard sniffling and meowing to Forrest and asking him if he thought the paper made her look fat, especially her fanny of fluff. Forrest, being a smart kitty-catty, feigned a sore throat, coughed and quickly left the room. (Smart, wise Forrest.) Camille doesn't take honest criticism easily.

Of course, NO ONE would even dare tell Camille that the saucer of cream she enjoys every morning could be contributing to her "spread". Naw, no one around here that brave, uhm, nope, no one.
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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Waving MEOW-Y to youz frum us kitties over here...

Meows to you every cat and kitty. We iz four kitties who lives wif our momma, one kitty cat dat lives wif momma's chillin's and one teeny-tiny Guinea Piggy dat lives wif momma's grandbabies far, far awayz from us. We hasn't met dat little piggy cuz we can't see over da car steering wheel ta drive and momma won't let us take da bus alone, so all we has is bunches of picky-tures and letters sent ta us that momma said da words called readin'.

We counted paws and I, Rosemary JOY, was pikked to write cuz I am da mostest friendly of kitties here in da house. So, I will start by introducing me my momma's favorite kitty cat (shhh, don't tell da others cuz they thinks they are favorites, too).

My life began wif my kitty momma but some hoomin' didn't like me and put me in a ditch when I was 'bout three weeks old. A good person found me and took me to da big doggy-kitty building momma would go to everyday to do something named volunteering. I spotted momma right off and took a great, big breff and let out the biggyest MEOW ever! My momma looked and found me and I ran to see her and as momma says, dat was dat. We were a lovin' cupple but not until I was older and could be 'dopted. From the day of my 'doption I have been da happiest kitty cat ever in the whole, wild world. Der is a world out der, yeah? I don't get to go outside cuz momma is too scared for me but since I am a former ditch-kitty I thinks I could do OK.

I have a real, purr-ty sista, Camille Suzanne, who is one of those kitty cats dat knows that her kitty litters don't smell, if ya know-what-I-mean. She thinks dat she always gets her way from her purr-tyness but what she doesn't know is dat us other kitty cats and da two doggies (tell ya 'bout dem later) just let her do what she wants cuz she's such a whiner. Camille is so in ♥ with herself dat when momma's grand-doggy, Cody, came over one day, she beated him up wif her paws over and over and over. Now, dats some kitty-esteem, yeah?

My other sista, Aurora Katrina, is da one dat got all da rest of us here. Momma didn't want no kitties in her house but Aurora was a sick kitten with a broked leg who needed a place to stay and momma tooked her in, for just a little bit, ya know. Well, Aurora gots ta stay fur a long time and I think momma fur-got to take her back to da shelter cuz it's been nine years.

Last in the kitty clan is Forrest, my brudder. Poor Forrest was found in da woods with a couple of his litter-kittens all alone wif no momma at all. The nice hoomin' dat found dem tooked dem to da shelter. All of the others got 'dopted but Forrest cuz he was so sickie. Momma tooked him to da kitty-doctor who said Forrest would die wif no help. So momma tooked Forrest to our house. Dat was 8 years ago and I think momma fur-got to take him back, too, cuz he's still here eatin' and drinkin' and sleepin'. Forrest is a funny kinda kitty cuz he likes most of all ta hang 'round wif da doggies. Me thinks he was wantin' ta be a doggie but gotz fooled.

Dats us kitties dat lives here in dis house of momma's. We all gets together purr-ty good wif no big hissing or spitting or swatting. Momma says we is such good kitty-cattys and she hugs us and kisses lots and lots. Dat's sometimes good and sometimes bad cuz sometimes momma does it when we don't want to but we let her cuz we know she ♥'s us and we know dat cuz she tells us.

We're gonna menshun Zoey Marie, too, in dis bloggy post, too, cuz Zoey started over here wif us and den moved over to momma's kid's house wif his wifie and little hoomin's. Zoey would always make kitty purrs at Jeff, momma's kiddo, when he would come over to our house. Jeff purred and purred and purred at our momma cuz he wanted to take Zoey home wif him to make her his kitty cat all to himself. Momma had to stop all of his loud meowing, so she let Jeff 'dopt Zoey fur his very own. Zoey gets lots to eat at her new house so she's on the Cat-kins diet to get all slim and trim again. Don't say anything, though, cuz we tell her she is purr-ty and looks just feline!
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