Wednesday, November 18, 2009


UPDATE: 5:00 p.m. est. I received an email from the Police Chief of Taylor, Texas. He said in his letter to me that several people have wanted to adopt the kitten but that the farmer NOW wants to sell it but that so far, the offers have been refused. As a result, the farmer has stated that he will keep the kitten. Could it be that this farmer is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame and that this kitten, he believes, will be his cash cow? Sorry if I sound angry - but, I am.

The video above has received the most views

Here's the REAL TRUTH. Thanks, Amy for alerting me to the truth.

If you don't fall in love with this little kitten then you can't be breathing☺ I'd like to know why NO ONE rescued this little kitten but gave him all that attention. Don't they have a heart?

If you'd like to voice your displeasure to the Taylor Texas police department go here. I'm going to send an email to Jeff Straub, Chief of Police ask him if the kitten still needs a home or has been rescued. I will gently explain to him that the kitten could easily have been hurt and also explain to him about rescue, animal abandonment and spay/neuter issues. I will also let him know that his police department has become infamous with news of the abuse reaching the Canadian border (where I live).

You may also want to contact the Texas SPCA to find out if they are going to help the kitten. This is a list of the Texas rescue groups.

TAYLOR, Texas – A black cat showed affection by crawling up and down a Texas police officer in a friendly display captured on the patrol car's dashcam. Taylor police Officer Keith Urban was seen being patient with the cat, whose image was captured during a recent traffic stop, then finally gently booting the kitty away.

The Taylor Daily Press reported Urban had pulled over an SUV in the driveway of a farm lot. The video shows the cat scampering up and down on Urban, making its way to the officer's shoulders.

Police Chief Jeff Straub said Urban never mentioned the feline encounter until he became concerned that the cat might have been injured when they parted ways.

Straub said the video shows "incredible patience on the part of the officer."

The collar-wearing cat fled.

Taylor is about 30 miles northeast of Austin.


Tober the Cat said...

My AAB showed this to me today! How cool is that kitten?!?!

Angel and Kirby said...

it is good that the officer was concerned about the kitten. It looked like he pushed him away a little hard.

Anonymous said...

That was absoutely HISSterical!!! I would have gotten another ticket just for laughing!

Sammy and Andy said...

What a cutie that kitten is!!!!!! Great find!!!


Cat Street Boyz said...

That was so cute...our Mommy had a past black kitty named Shadow. When he was a kitten and Mommy would be busy at the sink or cooking, Shadow would run up the back of her jeans, come around her waist and up to her chest to stare her in the face! Some of us kitties really know how to get attention!!!LOL=^Y^=

Amy and The House of Cats said...

I have seen this elsewhere and I had to stop watching because of the way the officer treated the cat - when I saw everyone's comments I had to watch this version - this is very edited because in the one I saw the officer kicked the poor kitten and was much more aggressive with him - to the point that, again, I had to stop watching it made me so sick. You can see the cut at the middle and the part I saw with the kicking, etc was at the end after the cat is back on the ground. I know this seems cute here but just so you know - the full version isn't quite as nice. If I were the people in the car I would have reported him immediately for abuse of that poor kitten.

Ginger Jasper said...

If that is the true version then that is one determined kitten and one very patient police man.. Hugs GJ xx

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

We watched da follow up at Fox7 and da cat does indeed haf a bean. He owns da barn dat is across from his home and da kitty is a barn cat wif collar and ID tags. When we saw it da cop din't actually kick da kitty more like kicked at da kitty, still not cool.

Brian said...

Hmmmm, got me wondering about whether that human was nice or not. Y'all behave!!!

Everycat said...

We're with Amy on this, there is an edit and we don't like the way the cop hooves the kitten behind him without looking - humans are about 50 times bigger than kittens and what might seem like a gentle push can really hurt them, kittens being cats, they won't show they hurt. I hope the kitten is ok and the farmer isn't exploiting it by selling him to the highest offer. Hope that cop gets some education in cat handling too.

Bet the cop had some cool claw holes in his legs and on his head though (we hope) hahaha!

Whicky Wuudler

Cory said...

I hope that sweet kitten gets a safe home. What cattitude!

Chicago Property Management said...

Oh that is so cool... what a sweet cat! I think he needs food and shelter. Please take him home Mr. Policeman.

Anonymous said...

Carl Bittner, 88, of Taylor, Texas, passed away Nov. 20, just days after the incident. He is survived by his wife and various children/grandchildren. I hope the kitten still has a home.