Friday, January 7, 2011

Callin' all furends of the LUKE an' the MOM - we needs youz help NOW!

We are needin' your help an' we gotta do this fast 'cuz the Luke needs some really strong Power of the Paw that he can see an' smell an' touch an' so does the mom. Our momma contacted Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston an' got PURRmission to send cards an' good wishes to the Luke usin' their address (the Luke is kinda shy 'bout his) an' sssshhhhh, you can't tell the Luke or the Mom or the Bleu 'bout this. If they wander over they will find out but we have pee-mail that tells us the Mom is not watchin' her bloggy 'cause it makes her sad an' she doesn't wanna be sad 'round the Luke.

So, tell your momma or dadda that you needs a card to send to the Luke (Valentines an' friendship cards are good) an' tell your momma or dadda that you will help by lickin' the envelope an' escorting' your momma or dadda to the USPS office (walks are good fur alla' us, ya know).

We gotta hurry an' hurry fast 'cause the Luke is gettin' ready to complete his Circle of Life an' will be leavin' fur Heaven, but we don't want him to go anywhere 'til he sees alla' our cards an' letters so he can carry alla' our lve wif him to keep him warm when he watches us from the stars an' waits fur the Mom an' us to come see him when we do our Circle of Life.

Send cards an' letters an' good stuff to:
the Luke an' the Mom (the Bleu, too)
c/o Miss Karen
Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston, Inc.
PO Box 19594
Houston, TX 77224 
Now, get goin'!
PeeEss: an' you don't has ta be shy 'bout spreadin' the word 'round so eFURy-doggy an' catty knows 'bout our Power of the Paw PURRoject!
National Canine Cancer Foundation


♥I am Holly♥ said...

I'm going to get a card in the mail. This is so sad. Thanks for letting us know. Lots of love, Holly and mom

meowmeowmans said...

That is very sweet. We will send a card for sure. Thank you for letting us know.

sprinkles said...

I really like your blog background, so pretty!

I dont' know The Luke or his Mom. So sweet of you to share the address so others can send them some lovies.